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Very few of today’s “must succeed” initiatives will hit the bullseye.

The truth is …

  • 85% of projects in Corporate America are passed deadlines and over budget.
  • A small error at the start of a course becomes bigger over time and distance.
  • Constant course correction can be exhausting.
  • The bigger the project, the harder it is to make a change.

Trajectory Communications works with leaders and their teams to create success strategies. Call us when:

  • You’re on your second or third project manager and the project still isn’t performing.
  • You’re at the very start of a “must succeed” initiative and you don’t have the information you need to make decisions.
  • You’re getting one or more teams ready for a new service or product roll-out.
  • You’re expecting significant workforce modifications, technology or regulatory changes, or C-Suite replacements.
  • You’re so far over budget or blown so many deadlines on a project that it’s in danger of bringing the balance sheet down.
  • Your project has stalled so long that competitors are threatening to beat you to the market or a key client relationship is in jeopardy.
  • Your employee frustration over project completion is at such a high that you fear a mass employee exodus.

Results our clients can expect:

  • Pending problems are solved 20% faster after a single strategy session.
  • Creation of teams that are built to experience 25% more resilience and encounter significantly fewer setbacks.
  • Increased employee retention rates and a workforce that experiences 3x more trust in their leadership.
  • 50% more support from vital stakeholders, shareholders, customers, or other public audiences.
  • Less corporate exposure to regulatory and legal risk.
  • 25% increase in customer product satisfaction and the sales team’s ability to close repeat sales.

Our experts have a wealth of experience:

Regulation, Risk Compliance & Legal Challenges – With lawyers and risk managers on our bench, we understand that there’s not always a clear line of cooperation and understanding between the legal team and the client-facing or employee-facing efforts. Analyzing, strategizing, buffering and presenting solutions for abrupt changes in risk are issues always on our front burner.

Tech, Healthcare & Energy Sectors – Having completed work with healthcare administrators, CIO’s with robust Information departments, and HR leaders in the energy sector, we have the ability to get “up to speed” on the challenges your specialized projects are experiencing faster than most. We work especially well with projects that are experiencing setback across multiple channels – like connecting tech realities with sales challenges, CIO’s with CMO’s, line workers and plant managers with C-Suites, and cost centers with profit centers.

Military, Defense & Security Audiences – Our experience with law enforcement and security changes will position your team to work with experts who understand the unique personnel and fluid environments of first responders and corporate protectors. Our work with military audiences, combined with active duty military experience, also gives clients the confidence that our work in the Defense and Military sector comes with direct knowledge of the systems, organization, terminology and tactics required to propose practical solutions that work to get teams back on target.


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